First to combine advantages of both Opening and Closing Wedge HTO.

Bioabsorbable implant

OWHTO wedge
       Biplanar β-TCP wedge implant:
  • Provides compressive strength similar to bone
  • Augments bone-to-implant contact area
  • Ensures precise & permanent correction (10 sizes)
  • Maintains posterior tibial slope
  • Promotes optimal bone regeneration

neotis wedge xray*


Compressive plate

HTO plate
       Low-profile C-shaped Stainless plate:
  • Stabilizes through tibial & implant compression
  • Allows cyclic compressive loading of the implant
  • Limits soft tissue impingement
  • Supports pre-guided, self-tapping & locking screws
neotis plate xray*

* Courtesy of Dr. Jack Farr, Indianapolis.

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